Wednesday, August 17, 2011


AHH! I feel terrible! I'm oh so sorry I havent updated recently! School started last week, and I've been kind of frazzled!!! Hopefully I can get back on track this week!

Anyways, back to THE GREEN BEETLE!! We've had some great publicity since the last time I was on here! Including our ads in the Memphis Flyer!!! :) Plus, we had a band in here last weekend that I heard was pretty awesome!!  

As you know, there have been some great desserts flying in and out of the Green Beetle! Including chocolate caramel cake, cookie dough cake, banana pudding cupcakes, carrot cake, and peanut butter cupcakes!!!!

 Our facebook page is updated more often than this, so check that when you need some more info!!!
Savannah Shelton
Great-Granddaughtr of Frank J Liberto

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

trois semaines!! (Week Three)

Hey yall! SOOOO sorry for the delay, It's been crazy these last few days! BUT our third week went really well!! Yall seem to LOVE  those banana puddin cupcakes! :) They'll be plenty more to come!

Some of you may have seen our article in the flyer recently? No? Here's a link:
It'll give you a little more information about The Beetle, and more reasons to become a regular! :)
We have also been mentioned on Paul Ryburn's blog once again!! You can see his blog here:

Hell's Kitchen Watch Parties are a big hit!!! Can the Memphian take the heat?? Come by Monday to find out!!!!

Our lunch specials will change daily. They will be shown on Facebook and Twitter!! We will also be using Twitter and facebook to update you on the restaurant's weekly desserts!! This week we have chocolate coconut cupcakes, banana pudding cupcakes, and key lime cake!

Also called "Green Beetle Cake",  it is the perfect summer dessert!! :D See ya soon!

Savannah Shelton
Great- Granddaughter of Frank J. Liberto