Wednesday, August 17, 2011


AHH! I feel terrible! I'm oh so sorry I havent updated recently! School started last week, and I've been kind of frazzled!!! Hopefully I can get back on track this week!

Anyways, back to THE GREEN BEETLE!! We've had some great publicity since the last time I was on here! Including our ads in the Memphis Flyer!!! :) Plus, we had a band in here last weekend that I heard was pretty awesome!!  

As you know, there have been some great desserts flying in and out of the Green Beetle! Including chocolate caramel cake, cookie dough cake, banana pudding cupcakes, carrot cake, and peanut butter cupcakes!!!!

 Our facebook page is updated more often than this, so check that when you need some more info!!!
Savannah Shelton
Great-Granddaughtr of Frank J Liberto

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