Friday, July 15, 2011

Week One

     Hey yall!!! WOW! Can you believe we've been open an entire week?!?! It's been a crazy one! We've had some great business this week so keep it coming Memphis!! For everyone who came by for a "Big Frank", "Beetle Burger", or any other menu item, thanks!! It was great talking to yall!!  Maybe we'll see you next week! ;)

     The press has been down at The Beetle most of the week! Including Paul Ryburn, The Downtowner, The Memphis Flyer, and The Downtowner!! Plus, ABC 24 is doing a spotlight on The Beetle at 5 o'clock! Thanks for all the great coverage guys!

    This upcoming week, we've got a couple things going on! We're having a Hell's Kitchen Watch Party in honor of our own Green Beetle cook Johnathon, who's representing the South this season!! Check out the Green Beetle Facebook page for more information! Since we already ran out of our strawberry cake, this weekend come try some homemade Italian Creme Cake and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes!! (both delicious I might add)

     So when you're out having yourself a good time this weekend, stop by The Green Beetle (325 South Main) for one of our 30 imported beers, some good food, or some homemade dessert!!

 Have a wonderful weekend!!!
Savannah Shelton
Great Granddaughter of Frank J. Liberto

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